Assessment Fees & Payments

Assessment payments are collected quarterly. Late fees are assessed if payment is not received by Cardinal Management Group, Inc., by the 15th of the month.

Payment should be made using the coupons provided by the Management Agent. If you misplace them, please send your payment to:

Townhouses of Saratoga Community Association
c/o Cardinal Management Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 52358
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2358

Include your name, property address, and account number on your check.

To pay by Credit Card, E-check, Direct Debit, or Automatic Withdrawal, please visit Cardinal Management - Make Payments

Below are some additional FAQs you may have regarding account information and payment of your quarterly assessments:
If you have any questions about the status of your assessments, please contact your Account Representative.


Q: How can I find out how much my assessment payments are and when they are due?
A:  Contact your Account Representative.

Q:  How and when do I receive my coupon books?
A:  Coupon books for the new fiscal year are mailed out 2-3 weeks before the new calendar year (January 1) is scheduled to begin, or if you are a new owner, within 4-6 weeks of our receipt of your settlement statement (HUD-1). 

Q:  What should I do if I do not receive a coupon book?
A:  Please contact your Account Representative.

Q: What should I do if I have questions about my account?
A:  If you have questions concerning your account, please contact your Account Representative.


Q: How do I know if my financial institution participates in Direct Debit?
A: Cardinal Management Group will verify that your bank participates.

Q: When will my account be debited?
A:  All direct debits are processed on the 10th of the month, unless the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday. In that case, it would be withdrawn on the following business day. Monthly assessments will be debited on the 10th day of the month in which it is due.  Example: April 1 assessment is debited April 10.

Q:  How much will I be debited?
A:  Only the amount of your current assessment will be debited.

Q: How long does it take until the direct deposit goes into effect?
A: If the application is received properly filled out and accompanied by a voided check by the 10th of the month, and the account is current in status, the direct debit will begin the following month.

Q: What should I do if I want to stop the direct debit?
A:  A written request informing Cardinal Management Group to stop the direct debit is required and must be received before the 1st of the month.  Please write to your Account Representative.

Q: How do I change the bank account that is being debited?
A:  A new form is not required. Written notice is required to change your account information. Please attach a voided check from the new account. Additional information may be obtained from your Account Representative.

Q: What if I forget that I am on Direct Debit and still send checks?
A: Credit balances will be refunded upon request. Please contact your Account Representative.

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